Brandenburg Marble Hall Granite (Pty) Ltd was established during the year 2001. Since then the company has grown and has become the second biggest supplier of monumental slabs in Southern Africa. Production figures have grown from 15,000 sq.m in 2001 to 25,000 sq.m. in 2002 and it is envisaged that production turnover for 2003 will be in excess of 50,000 sq. m


Brandenburg Granite is situated in Marble Hall, Mpumalanga. Currently the factory houses 1x 2,7 meter and 3x 3meter circular saws.


Brandenburg is supplied with Granite blocks by Kelgran South Africa one of the largest granite  suppliers worldwide. Brandenburg purchase approximately 300 cubic meters of Rustenburg (grey) granite & 80 cubic meters of different colored granite material each month. Diamond Winter a division of Saint Gobain an internationally renowned organization supplies diamond tools.


Brandenburg Granite supplies the local monument market with slabs ranging from 50mm  to 300mm in thickness. The local market is supplied with a mixture of unpolished and  top polished slabs. Cut to size components are currently not manufactured as it is not required by our specific clients. If the need arises or the market requires it this operation could easily be put into place.


Slab thickness, straightness of cut and quality of polished surfaces are measured against internationally recognized standards. Very strict quality controls are in place to ensure that products are of the highest standards and quality of material is ensured through proper staff training and a sound knowledge of all the different materials and their characteristics.



Distributor, retailer of Granite slabs
Products  Slabs
Sizes 50mm- 300mm (Cut to size can be negotiated)
Finishes         Polished or unpolished.
Colors        Various (As specified by client)